About box of developed application

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for each appication, there’s a menu item named “About xxxx" on the menu.
this script state how the setup the about box(dialog) by using Xcode

  1. open the Info.plist file created by Xcode, it’s a xml format file, there are lots of tags “<key>" in the file.
  2. the key CFBundleGetInfoString is the statement that’s shown at the buttom of the “About box"
  3. the key CFBundleIconFile is the icon that’s shown on the About box
  4. the key CFBoundleVersion is the version shown on the About box
  5. you has to add an .icon file into your project, and then open the dialog by select the item in Xcode’s menu Project/Edit Active Target <your target >, select the Properties tag, then drag the icon file to the into rectangle in the dialog after “Icon File"




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