make file link with dynamic and static libraries

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  • to build static library
  • % gcc -c libtest.c -o libtest.o
    % ar rcs libtest.a libtest.o

  • to build dynamic library
  • -fPIC option tells gcc to create position independant code which is necessary for shared libraries

    % gcc -c -fPIC libtest.c -o libtest.o
    % gcc -shared -o libtest.o

  • to use static library
  • % gcc -static main.c -L. -ltest -o testStatic

  • to use dynamic library
  • % gcc main.c -L. -ltest -o testDynamic

the source file of application who uses the library ltest, sould be located before -l options
-L<path to search libraries> (no spacing after -L)
-o <output file>
-l<lib_name> (no spacing after -l)

  • in static link, library name is lib.a ex: libtest.a libcheckitout.a or libxxxx.a
  • in dynamic link, library start with lib ex: libtest or or lib….
  • gcc [options] -o



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